01 about us

Integrity - Experience - Results

In Gemex we highlight integrity as the fundamental value and axis of all personal and corporate relationships with which we commit.

Our business experience allows us to study in depth the business of our partners and customers to provide them with the best strategies and solutions to achieve the results that drive your projects to success.

02 culture

Values ​​- Service - Excellence

We distinguish ourselves by doing business with ethics and values.

We are committed to the highest quality in service and excellence, our business vision is focused on results in a highly competitive and constantly evolving environment.

03 history

Energy- Commitment- Environmental and Social Responsibility

GEMEX begins its activity with the development of environmentally and socially responsible projects through the promotion, financing, construction and operation of high-efficiency electric power generating plants.

A young and dynamic company whose trajectory is defined by a policy of continuous growth and a business culture of high social commitment to the care and protection of the environment associated with energy.

Under these parameters, GEMEX becomes a pioneer in the Renewable Energy sector, being the main supplier of Grupo Soriana in wind energy.

04 evolution

Long term vision -
Risk control -


The key component of all our business alliances is the generation of long-term value.

We have developed a robust process framework and risk control that allows us to execute in a concise and precise way all the projects in which we are involved.

Our niche strategy It commits us to be innovative in all areas. We innovate by mobilizing institutional investors.

We innovate in the development of our human capital. We innovate in the way of doing business. Our reputation and our word are the most important.

05 Group Companies


Our investments are aimed at companies with profitable, innovative and high value business models for their shareholders, collaborators and customers.